Hello! My name is Sarah Wachter and I’m a graduate student at University of Washington in Seattle, working on my master of library and information science degree.  I’ll be graduating in June 2010.

My goals as a librarian are to provide excellent customer and reference services to my patrons, to develop my patrons’ information literacy skills through one-to-one instruction and workshops, to develop outreach tools that create excitement for and interest in library services, and to have fun! I want my patrons to emerge from each encounter with me empowered with new techniques and skills to enable greater self-sufficiency and with a deeper interest in and connection to their library. I am interested in both academic and public librarianship, and am especially interested in job sites in the greater Boston area.

I have particular interest in providing services to people with disabilities. As the result of a class visit by Cleo Brooks, Library Equal Access Program coordinator for SPL, I began taking classes in American Sign Language at UW and have achieved conversational fluency after three quarters of study. I also enrolled in an enrichment course in Disability Studies through UW’s Experimental College in order to increase my familiarity with this population and to better understand their personal and information needs. I believe that disability is a characteristic that cuts across all racial and economic lines; people with disabilities are found in every community across the world. They are often marginalized and their needs ignored. My intent is to focus on providing them with services equivalent to those provided to all other patrons and to ensure their inclusion in the life of the library.

My résumé is available as a pdf, and you can contact me at athenasbanquet@gmail.com.

Thank you for your visit!

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